November 27th, 2011

Witches in Northumberland

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Our ride to Northumberland was most unlike any car ride I had ever taken in my life. Florence had taken great precautions prior to our travel, including several protection spells to ensure a safe ride. The protection spells were by far the most important, but absolutely not the most interesting. Florence, Diana, and I together had cast an extension spell to make our long car ride to Northumberland as comfortable as it could be. If any normal bloke hopped in the car, they would probably faint immediately. The car appeared from the outside as a typical four door sedan, but once inside, this car was far from typical. The car was the size of an apartment, maybe even bigger than the one I used to call home. There were two cozy white couches, several bookshelves packed with spell books, oils, candles, and chests, as well as a bright blue bathroom, four beds built into the walls, and a rather small kitchen area. Diana and I had never seen such powerful magic, nor had we ever dreamed of having the ability to produce it ourselves. For the first few hours of our ride, Diana and I were trying to locate Florence and Scott’s father, our mother’s murderer, by using a map of England and the talisman. The talisman would light up every once in a while, and like a magnet would be drawn to the area on the map where he was. He had been traveling throughout Cumbria, which is right between Lancashire and Northumberland. We would have to go around Cumbria to get to Scott without being caught, which was going to take up a great deal of time, and Florence didn’t think we should have to. As we whizzed through traffic, Florence explained, “I have cast protection spells on each of us as well as this car, but they can only do so much. If we are to get to Northumberland without being traced, we mustn’t look like ourselves. Father will be looking for us, but he certainly won’t notice us if we can pull off the invisibility spell.” Before she even she spoke the last word, Diana had already taken out Mum’s book and was eagerly searching for this spell. We had the power of three now, which made us a threat to Florence’s father. “I have found a spell, but it requires a great deal of work. We must also conjure up a potion to ensure that we remain invisible, and I’m not sure we have the ingredients required,” said Diana. “You’d be surprised what I have in this car. I’ve been running for a while now, so as you can imagine, I am prepared,” Florence said, “So what exactly do we need?” Looking on with Diana, the ingredients list read: One drop of blood and one strand of hair from who wants to become invisible, two petals from the Narcissus flower, a drop of Orgorl oil, and vampire dust. After Diana read the list to Florence, Florence simply laughed. “My dear sisters, do not fret. Everything on the list can be found in the blue chest over there.” said Florence, pointing to a most dazzling deep sea blue colored chest. With the chest now on my lap, I said, “Aperio amarium,” and like that, the chest opened. Inside were all sorts of ingredients used for spells, but most importantly, the ingredients needed to help us. Looking throughout the chest, I quickly found the Orgorl oil and Narcissus flower, but the vampire dust seemed to be missing. “You’re wondering where the vampire dust is, Lucie, aren’t you?” Florence said. Shaking my head yes, I couldn’t figure out where she was going with this.”I’ve put the only vampire dust I have left into a small container, and look, Lucie, here it is. I forget that I’ve started wearing it around my neck. I can’t risk losing one of the most powerful and hard to come by ingredients,” Florence said, “It is the only thing that can save us in desperate times.” Desperate times, I thought to myself, what happened to having a normal life?


I’m stuck on how I’m going to end this story, but I’ll be adding an ending by next week.

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  1.    julieengel said,

    on November 30th, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    I have no idea where I’m going with this story, so I’m stuck on where I’m trying to go with it, and how I’m going to end it. It just doesn’t seem right to throw in an ending so soon. Any suggestions?

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