November 21st, 2011

Witches in Northumberland

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I opened my mouth to speak but was quickly silenced by Diana. “Lucie, I’d like to introduce you to Florence, our newest circle member,” said Diana. She reached out and shook my hand with an oddly firm grip. “It’s great to finally meet you, Florence,” I said, “We’ve been all over this country looking or our 3rd circle member, and here you are So, how ’bout it?” “I’ve been waiting for your arrival. Your mother told my brother Scott and I you’d be coming to join us. We have much work to do,” said Florence. “You knew our Mum? Why wouldn’t she have just told us how to find you then?” I asked. “Your Mum, you see, was also my mother. She had adopted myself and Scott off to her half sister the moment we were born. She was only 18 years old, and couldn’t take care of us. And she didn’t tell you how to find us because she wanted to push both of you to strengthen your powers and test your skills before meeting us,” said Florence.
Diana and I glanced at each other in awe of the bomb Florence just dropped. Our Mum had two other children, twins, and never told us about them, yet they knew about us. Why had she not told us? “Your Mum never told you about us because she feared for your safety. Our father was turned into a vampire and has since sought after the blood of his children and their mother. Your mother wasn’t killed by random, it was our father. We’ve been on the run, but we can’t run forever. We need your help,” said Florence. This was too much to take in at once. “So what now? Where do we even start?” I asked. Florence conjured a map with a flick of the wrist, and pointed out the path we must take through the woods to Scott’s residence. “First, we need to get to Scott’s safely, then come back and prepare to cast the circle. We need to practice spells to attack the mind of the vampire first, to torment his mind and distract him,” said Florence.
Diana was pail white, stiff as a board, and didn’t bat a lash for a good minute. She looked as if she might faint, and surely I looked just as mortified. How we were to pull off these spells that we’d never even heard of before? “He is coming after all of us. With the power of four in the circle, we can call the corners and drawn upon the powers of the elements. We can defeat my father but it will not be without difficulty,” said Florence. Within seconds, Diana and my suitcase appeared in front of us. Florence had her suitcase in hand, as well as her bag filled with potions and spell books. “Let us waste no more time,” said Florence. And like that we were driving off to find brother Scott in the hopes to completing our circle and completing our mission impossible.

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